Stromlo Leisure Centre

ACT, AUSTRALIA Stromlo Leisure Centre

  • Builder

    KANE Construction
  • Sector

    Government, Public
  • Location

    Stromlo, ACT
  • Service

    Mass Timber

Value Private

Status Completed

Stromlo Leisure Centre was a pioneering project, boasting the longest spanning Glulam installation in Australia. Savcon completed the main roof, which was constructed of structural glulam timber beams, struts and purlins for the main roof over the pool concourse. The glulam struts are approximately 320m3 of European sourced clustered spruce, reaching up in intervals around the perimeter of the main concourse like tree branches, supporting the beams as they span across the volume. Both the beams and struts taper, allowing the structure to read more finely, and the space to read more fluid and open. The total span of each rafter is a whopping 47mtrs! This covers the full width of the pools and concourses. Rafters are positioned at 7mtr centres. To enable such a long span, each rafter is 1200mm deep x 200mm thick. This also allows for all steel connections to be recessed and concealed



• 2021 ACT Master Builders Excellence in Construction of Commercial Buildings $20M-$50M Winner